Marque Makers has been selected as the official exclusive supplier of badminton and field hockey products. We have been contracted by adidas to design badminton and field hockey products that deliver a measurable increase in product performance, allowing players to set new standards of game play. 

Within this mandate, we manage the design and production of hardware and ship to adidas badminton and field hockey customers across Asia, USA and Europe. We complement this with seasonal marketing toolkits to drive sales of these exciting products. 



astec was founded in Indonesia by Olympic badminton champions Alan Budikusuma and Suzy Susanti. Marque Makers provides design, development and sourcing services to the team to elevate product quality and performance. We design, manufacture, quality control and ship a range of products including rackets, bags and footwear.

We provide on-site training and training videos to the sales team to facilitate a deeper understanding of the products giving them confidence to communicate product uniqueness when meeting their customers.



Born in Market Harborough, England out of a love for cricket, a change-the-world philosophy and devotion to luxury workmanship, Stretton Fox is the understated hero of cricket.


Used by many of the world's global cricket icons and 43% of English professional cricketers, the brand is synonymous with purposeful innovation, a commitment to componentry, honouring heritage and creating desire through luxurious products that make cricketers play better.

We have developed the go-to-market plan to land the brand in global retail with complementary product road map, brand comms and sports marketing assets.



Enkayse foam was developed specifically for the cycling industry and is the main protective material in the Hedkayse cycling helmet. It is the only foam to pass the European Regulation EN1078 certifying it as a multi-impact foam. It also displays excellent resilience to performance degradation at extreme temperatures.

We are working with Hedkayse to introduce this material into other sports categories where multi-impact head collisions are frequent, for example American Football. Through these licensing partnerships, Hedkayse will maximize the commercial return on the investment it made into developing the material.