Here at Marque Makers, we believe sport has a hugely positive influence on people, whether it be a world class athlete or aspiring junior club player. Sport is a consistent thread running through our team, shaping our internal beliefs and our approach to product design and marketing. We have defined some guiding principles that keep us on track and ahead of the chasing pack.

Be open with our communication to internal colleagues and external partners.

A courageous approach will shape the future.

A product road map driven by athlete insight is the highway to success.

Our relentless desire to improve the status quo will make the difference.






Strategic Leadership

Sport has played the defining role in my life, shaping my values, my fiercely competitive spirit and my career as a product marketer. As an ex professional badminton player, I have lived and breathed a sport that demands an injection of dynamism, this has become the fuel for my relentless charge to make the athlete perform better. Badminton remains close to my heart and a sport that I continue to regularly play. 



Head of Design

As a graphic designer, the aesthetics of sport has often captured my imagination. The participants, the environments, the equipment used and the messages conveyed - these are all aspects that I am driven to explore and improve to make sport as visually compelling as possible. My culturally diverse background has shaped me to have an expansive outlook, allowing me to find inspiration, not just from the world of sport, but also beyond.



Head of Development

I have devoted my life to developing products with a simple goal to 'question, explore and perfect'. Driven by this perfection through aesthetics, design and engineering, I have created some truly innovative and exciting products that have led markets and set new standards. I will never stop pushing the boundaries to help athletes unlock their potential, enabling them to dream bigger, achieve more and compete at the highest levels.



Head of Sourcing

I am a master of language and currently fluent in Japanese, Mandarin and English. Learning about new cultures and ways of working has inspired me to build relationships across continents and cultures. My career in sourcing and procurement has been fast-tracked through my ability to communicate at a local level creating trusted, meaningful business partnerships as well as my razor sharp attention to detail.



Factory Onsite Engineering

My world exists within the nano-scale construction of carbon badminton rackets. I get excited by carbon ton, resin selections, nano technology, advanced materials, carbon lay-ups and molding. I am driven to enhance the badminton playing experience through innovation and robust development process applied to the constructions of rackets, tuning the internal materials and structure to maximize performance.



Badminton Product Management

I grew up playing badminton in South China. I have amassed a wealth of knowledge of the badminton player pathway and retail landscape in China. I have an extensive network of pro-shop owners and coaches and connections to badminton facilities and clubs. I have also worked for a major China badminton brand. I love the sport, it’s my passion and my life and is the driving force behind everything I do.



Mechanical Engineering & Advanced Composites

My passion is exploring the world of advanced composites, resins, additives and manufacturing processes, dialling in the biomechanics of athletes, using their insights to fuel the innovation engine. My ultimate goal is to equip the best athletes in the world with products that give them the winning edge on the court and pitch.



Head of Hockey

Sport fundamentally defines me as a person and that passion drives my search for new insights to power the hockey development team. I play hockey regularly at club level and have had the privilege of adding value to a number of hockey brands in my hockey category management career. Seeing world class hockey players win major tournaments with our hockey products fulfills my desire to make a difference.